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Celebrating the Life of

Bryan A. Hill

May 13, 1973 - Dec 25, 2020 

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The Virtual Celebration of Life for

Bryan A. Hill

February 19, 2021

11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time


Bryan was born Sunday, May 13th, 1973 - a Mother’s Day blessing for his parents, Inetta Naulls Hill and Roger Hill, Sr.  He was the first of two from this union; having being blessed with a sister, Danielle, almost exactly four years later.

During his early school years, he attended private and preparatory schools which he did not care for very much since his best friends were neighborhood kids.  He successfully made it through and did very well during his last 2 years when the teacher made him a “teacher’s assistant”.  Bryan felt very important and enjoyed helping the other students. And, this became his ‘persona’ for the rest of his life. That leadership skill also helped him convince his mom that he would do better in a public high school where his friends attended; and, contributed to his success later, in employment.

Bryan attended Dorsey High School, Los Angeles, and earned his first nicknames:  “Windex” because of his thick eyeglasses and “B”…….   During his lifetime, he earned many more from people/friends that he gathered during trips across the United States with his long time friends.  After graduating high school, not really knowing what he wanted to do in life at that point, he briefly attended the local community college.  During that time, the opportunity to work for the County of Los Angeles as a student worker presented itself and Bryan “jumped at the idea”.  He meshed himself into the job and, after just one year, became a part of the civil service workforce; ultimately spending 29  years there until his untimely death.

Bryan worked with various departments all over Los Angeles County from DTLA to the City of Commerce.  He was able to rise from a student worker to a Senior Public Health Registrar; becoming a pivotal member of the Health Services Department.  During his career, Bryan never sought nor accepted a promotion to supervisor or manager until recently because he loved to be “hands on” and assist people in need of the Department’s services.  Countless mortuaries, colleagues and cemetery staff shared how many times Bryan went out of his way to ensure the public received compassionate, prompt service. Bryan was known to go above and beyond to get the job done.

In his personal life, he continued his childhood thirst for adventure.  He was always on the go:  bowling alleys with his Godmother and mother, getting lost at amusement parks, weekend trips, family and friend homes, etc.   Bryan was uniquely blessed to have childhood friends that he kept into adulthood. Together they grew from boys to fathers with daughters and sons. With this crew by his side, Bryan shared in all the kids’ milestones, making sure to always have a good time. He loved his weekly card games and yearly trips with his family and friends.  In his downtime, he was competitive in all things from watching sports; where he never lacked an opinion, to playing in epic battles on PlayStation into the wee hours of the night.  As a friend; “Beezer” (also “Nooder”, “BeezerB”, “Bop” and “B”) as he was affectionately nicknamed, was loyal, loud, compassionate and a constant comedian. He was late everywhere he went; but, without fail, stayed behind to help clean up when needed.  There was never anything he couldn’t borrow from one to give to another but somehow managed to lose things of his own wherever he went.  This dedicated Florida State fan would do anything to help a friend.   

Bryan shared over 20 years of his life with Yolanda Walker.  Together they had a daughter, Bryauna, and he became a father figure to her son, Clifford Simms.  They became a “team” and Bryan willingly supported him as he developed into a competitive football player through high school.   Yolanda’s family also became Bryan’s family so he added a mother Annette Horrice, brothers, sisters, and cousins who he came to count on and to use for counsel when needed. His extended family also included 1 godson and 2 goddaughters..  As a father, Bryan was a present promoter and physical supporter to his family. During the many years of extracurricular activities, as the kids grew, he cheered from the stands and even sometimes on the field for every game and practice. From youth and adults sports teams to dance recitals, he helped with the little things that most might forget.  He would give whatever he could for his kids even if it was just a ride from one side of town to the other.

Bryan was preceded in death by his father, Roger Hill.  He is survived by his mother, Inetta Naulls Hill; a daughter, Bryauna Hill; a son, Clifford Simms; his sister, Danielle Hill;  half-brother, Roger Hill, Jr;  2 Aunts:  Marie Johnson and Melba Hinchen; Godson Talib; Goddaughters, Aaliyah and Alysa; and a host of other relatives and childhood friends.

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I’ll Be There


There was no time to say goodbye

But this I ask – please do not cry

Remember me as you think best

The happy time – forget the rest. 


Look for me and I’ll be there

And you will find me everywhere

In the gentle touch of breeze

That cools the skin or swirls the leaves. 


In the scent and color of flowers

That gave to me such happy hours

On sunny days under sunny skies of blue

Just think of me, I’ll be with you. 


In winter when there’s cloud or mist

The rain will give to you my kiss

As wood smoke lingers in the air

Look for me and I’ll be there. 


Where seagulls cry above the sea

And surf rolls in so endlessly

Among towering trees that soar above

In all these things that i once loved

Look for me and I’ll be there

You’ll feel my presence everywhere. 


 – By Author Unknown

Daddy's Poem

Losing a parent for anyone is hard. But losing my parent at fourteen is even worse. My dad was my best friend. He was Half of my heart, my mind, and spirit. I’m so glad that I got to make so many memories with you and because of you with the time we have shared. All of our laughs we shared keep me smiling. All the play fights and things we did keep me happy. All the times when I get to see you in my dreams keep me calm. Me knowing that you always wanted the best for me and saw big things for me even when I did not see them for myself, this keeps me going. I know you did not want to leave me so soon, but it was your time to go. Your love for me and wishes you have for me makes me get up everyday and be a strong and ambitious girl. Everyone always called me your twin and I’m grateful. The thing I used to hate I will cherish and embrace for the rest of my life. I will wear the face that we shared and bring everyone joy with just a smile or a look.. You have given me the honor and pleasure to allow all of our family and friends to continue to see you through me and I couldn’t be more pleased. You left and I was unable to say goodbye, to give you one last hug, kiss, or even smile. So goodbye daddy. I hope you continue to watch over me and guide me as you did when you were on this earth right next to me. I will do nothing less than to honor the name I was given that we share. I’m hurt with pain that I have to live in a world where I am half broken but because of you I will thrive. Actually this is not goodbye, this is see you later . Until we meet again this your baby girl, your world, giving you my best thank you for the life you have given me filled with so many people that love me unconditionally. They got me and you can Rest In Peace now. Sweet dreams .

See you soon

Your stink , Bre

Old Paper Transparent

Real Dad

Some people would say you’re not my real Dad

but I know this isn’t true –

For you’ve been a Real Dad to me

in all the things we’ve been through.


We’ve had our ups and downs

sometimes its hard to bend –

But you’ve always been there when I needed you

and that’s what matters in the end.


You’ve been patient, kind and firm

over the years as I’ve grown –

And I’m eternally grateful to you

because you’ve treated me as your own.


Although we’re not tied by bloodlines

the Love and Trust you’ve given me –

Is a precious gift, day after day

and that’s what counts as a Real Dad to me.

Your Son, Clifford

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Written Tributes



There are no words to express the feelings I’ve had this last month.   I valued our work and personal relationship and never realized how important it was to me.  The good, the bad and the ugly times were events in our lives that tested the strength of our friendship.  You were brought into my life for a reason but now your gone. God bless your soul and Rest In Peace my Brotha.  You will be truly missed.

Your Big Sis, Lee (Alethia)

Bryan Hill a good father, a good friend, a good man gone to soon. We will miss his sense of humor and his kind spirit and he will never be forgotten by his friends and love ones .God has you now and I know you’re in good hands. We love you brother, Alphonso Lester and family.

Alphonso Lester and family

You were more than a friend you were a brother. Whenever you were around your presence was felt through your jokes and your laughter. We will miss those random pop up visits. Until we meet again Rest Easy Beezer B


Buff (Bryan) & Tisa

Bryan, B, we miss your presence at the house with us.  Whether you were playing PlayStation in the game room, attending an event or just chilling, you were always a joy to have around.  We miss your loud voice, your smile and your willingness to help out whenever it was needed.  Thanks for the many laughs Bro!  We will make sure your legacy lives on.  Rest well with our Heavenly Father...until we see you again! 

Devon, Vanetta and family

I named you "Brother Bryan" cause that's what you've always been 

We have had each other's backs every since you were nineteen 

So many years I look back on

fun times, we had lots 

I laugh remembering how you got your nicknames "Beezer" and "Bop"

So today is full of memories 

of a brother laid to rest

and every single one of them

is filled with happiness 

Bro you were someone special 

for all of us, such a joy to know 

and there was so much pain 

when it was time to let you go 

That's why this special message is sent to heaven above 

I pray the angels take care of you 

and give you all my love. 

You will always be missed 

Your big sis,


Bryan you we're always so kind and understanding. Work will never be the same. Thank you for always looking out for me. You always told me whatever was going on was temporary and to keep pushing for my girls. To finish school so they can see their momma did it and be an example to them, cause they were watching me. I will always remember your laugh. When you would joke with the office and get "in trouble". We miss teasing you and you always saying you were out numbered by the girls. Thank you for being the best boss. We will miss you always. 

Ivette Menjivar

Dear Bryan,

I haven’t been here as long as many people here but you’ve always made me feel like I’ve been here with everyone for just as long. One of the gang. You’re the only one outside of my family to call me Jen Jen.. As soon as I talked to you for the first time before I came to my interview, I knew I wanted to be a part of this team.

Always putting smile on our faces and taking care of us when someone gets raw with us.

Such bright light taken away too soon.

I’m gonna miss you so much.

Jen Jen

In the blink of an eye, I never got a chance to say goodbye. I guess by now I should know enough about loss to realize that you never really stop missing, or loving the one you lost. You learn to keep living & go through the pain. Until I see my homie Beezer again. 

Lance Haynes

I knew this would be tough, but damn!!  Bryan, Bee, Beezer, Bop, Beezer B...friend, brother, family.  I know it's cliche', but I never in a million years saw this coming! They say there are 5 stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, and although I have experienced all of them, since we, (me, Rod, and Dev Smith), received that call, if I'm honest, I have to say that I still have trouble fully accepting it. So many memories, so many good times, so many years...Bee was a real friend, and I feel blessed to have been able to consider him part of my circle. I met him originally as Tee's friend, and that developed into a brother-like relationship that continued until his death. Bee, you will truly be missed! To Mom, Yolanda, Danielle, Bree, Cliff, I can't imagine or fully comprehend what you are dealing with & feeling, but know this, you are not alone! I know I am speaking for more than myself when I say this, but I also know that those I'm speaking for, agree 100% when I say that, we, the Crew, your "other sons", as Mom calls us, will be here when & if you need us. I love you, we love you. Bee, love you bro! Rest well in paradise, and I will see you when I do!!

Michael Kimbell

We will love and remember you every day of our lives. Trusting God has you now and waiting until we meet again. 

Love Mom and D.

I don't really know where to start my brother, I'm crushed and will miss you and I know I won't get over this. I'll miss the good times we've had for the 40 years we've known each other and I'll miss the weekly talks we had about what's going on back at home and in our lives, I'll miss the clowning around we all use to do and the laughter you and Anthony use to give us when we were all together, the good times we had I wouldn't trade for anything, but what I would give just to have a few more laughs with you. Love you bro until we see each other again.

Phil C

I cannot reiterate enough how much || Love You. Light shined so bright with such a beautiful heart. It was never a dull moment with you. Always kept me laughing with your larger than life personality and your sarcastic comments. You 

gave it to me straight even if it hurt just like a True friend would. You have been my confidant..MY BEEZEER!! Im gonna miss yelling at you to hurry up which led us zipping through traffic and still being late. My God "B" you are so slow(smh). Life wont be the same without your loving and very big smile. You will always be my Heart!!

Love always Tiani your TT

Bryan. My supervisor at Vital Records. We make each other laugh, especially during tough and busy times at the work. His laugh is contagious. 

The last time I saw him was on the 23rd of December. Before I left work, I stopped by his office to greet him Merry Christmas and we gave each other a hug. I miss him since then and I will always miss him forever.  

Vickie Say-Nye

Vital Records

What’s up bro?

One could have never imagined, having to say goodbye so soon. We never thought the time would come, that we would be writing about you in the past tense. But that time is here and even though you are gone, we still feel your presence. Saying goodbye is never an easy task and saying it to one of your brothers makes it that much more difficult. So many fun memories to hold onto from the time I met you. And many more added over the years. We have added wives, children, and even more friends to the circle, and you were an intricate part of that. Of bringing us together. Of always giving us some great memories to laugh and talk about.

The people you leave behind, are a testament to the person that you were. Your mom, Danielle, Yolanda, Cliff and Bri are all apart of you. Them having each other will be of great comfort. We hope they know that they have us as well. We are sad that you are gone. But find joy in all the memories we have with you in them. 

Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Beezer B, from the West! Thank you for always being a good friend and brother. 

Rodney & Victoria

I'm still waiting for you to be LATE walking in the door (As you were known and always was); why weren't you late when God called for you. I still remember the first time I met you 27 years ago in Hawthorne (and it wasn't in Inglewood as we always debated LOL). Thank you, Phil Clark for introducing me to who knew would be the Love of my Life. We had some wonderful and amazing years together. Over the years, we obtained a bond, and with this bond, we shared so many memories. I will miss and treasure our road trips, vacations, family gatherings, backyard BBQs and parties, and our lengthy conversations. Lord knows we had our trials and tribulations and shed some tears, but NOW that I sit here writing and thinking we could have resolved our differences.
One always thinks you have time (but time didn't wait for you). I thought we had Forever to work on us. I had no idea God had other plans for you. I can still hear you calling me YO ( the name you gave me), the name everybody chose to call me now, and today when they call me Yo, I will always think of you B and see your smiling face. I will always Love you Forever. Your absence is still unbelievable and unbearable. I still believe I'm going to awake from this horrible nightmare. I haven't slept at night since you left us. God has always made me strong, and I don't know why. I guess God is still testing me because Now he has taken you.
Please continue to watch over the kids and me. I know I don't have to ask because that's what makes you unique. You were always a caring, loving, sarcastic (LOL), and opinionated man, and I what I would give to talk with you again. Thank you so much for being a part of my life, loving me, and showing me true Love. Thank you Forever and ever for being a GREAT Dad and Role model to my son (OUR son) and blessing me with a beautiful daughter. I know I have to be strong for the kids, and Lord knows I'm trying. I'm going to need your help with continuous support from Heaven. I can't and will not say Good-bye, but I will say I always Love you and keep you close. Please tell my daddy (William), your father ( Mr. Hill), and my Uncle Fletcher to watch over you NOW! Bryan, now you can rest, you were always on the go (Beezer B), and Lord knows I kept you busy.                      
Yo and B


Guest Book

Guest Book
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Please donate to the Educational Fund for Bryan's daughter Bryauna Ashley Hill. For more information email us here. 

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